Graphics #9

So this is a dumping post of all the graphics I made since January. Soooomehow I forgot to post these. *blushes*

#1-18 LOST
#19 Dominic Monaghan
#20-26 Paul Bettany
#27 Emmy Rossum
#28-35 Scarlett Johansson (Iron Man 2)
#36-38 TJ Thyme
#39 Billy Boyd
#40 Viggo Mortensen
#41-42 LotR (Theoden)
#43-47 Alexis Dziena 
#48-49 Alexis Dziena/Hugh Dancy

#1 Bones/Dr. Brennan
#2 Fan ship Emmy Rossum/Paul Bettany
#3 Iron Man 2/Black Widow
#4-5 Alexis Dziena
#6 Fan ship Alexis Dziena/Hugh Dancy


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Hopefully not another half year will go by before I remember to post/make some more, lol!
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Graphics #8

Well, hey there! Long time, no post, eh?

Haven't had much inspiration to do any iconing lately. I had a bad semester, so that really drained me. But it's Christmas break! YAY!

Some of these icons are old, I did them months ago for a icontest but couldn't finish them in time, but I just, just made some new ones. Can you tell which ones are old or new? :P

My new obsession is LOST (I just started watching season 5--AMAZING!), so expect some more soon. Unexpectedly I'm going through a Ben/Juliet phase. I'm not sure why; the thought of them actually being a couple is rather frightening, but I think I have a thing for weird relationships. :P

LOST Season 4 and 5 {18} 
Genesis {11}


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Graphics #6

Hullo! It's been such a long time since I've posted anything. I bet some of you has been wondering if I'm still living. ;) Well, classes had been hectic and demanding much of my time, so I haven't made any icons until recently. I'm happy to report that I'm free all summer (Yayz! :D), so I hope to make more graphics in the future.
Until then here are some graphics I've made this month. I feel still rusty, so don't be too terrible to me. ;P

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete {5}
Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core {4}
Final Fantasy XIII {4}
Final Fantasy XIII Versus {2}
Milo Ventimiglia {3}
North & South {5}
Narnia {1}
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete Banner {1}
Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Banner {1}
Final Fantasy XIII Versus Banner {2}



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*#14 won Mod's Choice in [info]fabulawards 

As you can see they are pretty random, but I'm hoping as the summer goes on there will be some continuity.
Please comment! I'd love to hear what you think, as most of these are experiments. :)

~Please credit me if you take or use anything.
~Be so kind as to inform me which icons you are taking, so I can have a general knowledge of what is liked.
~Please do not hotlink. Save yourself grief by saving graphics to your own computer.
~I do not appreciate crude or explicit language, so please try to keep your comments on a G or PG rating.

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Happy Birthday!

It's a little late, I know, but I wanted to wish

daughterofeve47 a very happy birthday! :D

Happy Birthday, dear! *hugs* :D



And I have a few new icons to post (the rest are old banners). It's not much, regrettfully. I don't have time to dilly-dally with icons as of late, and I don't expect to make anymore until mid August, sadly. :( 
Anyways here they are! 

#1: Miss Potter
#2: Liv Tyler
#3: Final Fantasy X

#4-15: Prince Caspian
#16: James McAvoy


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Please remember rules in Bio! :)
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Photobucket, Icons, Signatures, Banner, Wallie

Here is a link to my photobucket! And I've also added a it on my Links list for easier access. I know there are people out there how have problems saving graphics onto their computers, so I think this is a simple solution to that problem. Please use my photobucket just as you normally would, no taking without crediting or claiming it to be yours!! Thank you! :)

It's been a while since I've made any graphics; the previous entries have older graphics. So here's some new avvies with some old signatures, banner, and wallie.

#1-5: Miranda Otto
#6-12: Liv Tyler
#13: Lord of the Rings
#14-16: William Poulter/Eustace
#17: Prince Caspian
#18: Stock
#19-22: Beauty and the Beast
#23: Miss Potter/Peter Rabbit

#24: Prince Caspian
#25-26: Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe

#27: Pevensies' Wallie 


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Please follow rules in Bio!

Next post will have other old signatures and possibly more Beauty and the Beast and Miss Potter (I found screencaps for them both! *squee!*).  I know I have yet to post my resources, but I don't have time just yet to gather up all that information! ;) Possibly when this summer semester is over I will try to post it. :)